White Feather Boxer – A Story about Courage

White feather boxer promo image

“Keep your anger in the ring”

BOXING is not about destruction: it’s about discipline, tactics and respect…..

Marking the centenary of World War 1, Take the Space bring their brand new play White Feather Boxer to The Royal & Derngate Northampton on Friday 2nd February at 7.45pm.

What does it take to be better than the best?

It’s April 1967. In a shabby Bethnal Green boxing gym, an elderly trainer, Jimmy hears the news: heavyweight boxing champion of the world, Muhammad Ali, has defied the US Military by refusing to fight in Vietnam.

Jimmy reflects on the choice he himself was forced to make during WW1, when Conscription sent pacifists to prison or the firing squad: when he, at the peak of his boxing career and physical prowess, stood up for what he believed despite the terrifying consequences.

Now Jimmy faces a new dilemma: he is 70-something and a Quaker.  Jo’s just turned 16; she’s strong, talented, impulsive and angry and desperately needs his help.  Does he have the strength or even the patience to train this wild young woman?   Can he teach her discipline and respect?

Take the Space present their fifth production, a new play about pugilism and pacifism for the centenary of the First World War.

Writer and director Siobhán Nicholas explains: “I wanted to explore – and honour – the psyche of the boxer and also capture the culture of the ring; I had a hunch that focusing on a retired boxer who has a very personal association with conscientious objection could allow me to come close to defining the qualities of bravery and duty.”

This is a new play about the most courageous of movements and the bravest of sports:

Jimmy is an ex Champion Boxer and a Conscientious Objector who stood up for peace through two world wars and even at seventy, still sees the “Good” in people,


Tickets for White Feather Boxer are on sale now!  You can book yours by calling Northampton Royal & Derngate Box Office on 01604 624 811  or by visiting the website at www. royalandderngate.co.uk