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Dots Training Northampton Personal Development

DOTS Training and Development Limited was founded with a single mission to support B2B operations and people development, to enable you to be more effective and perform better.

According to the European Commission, Northamptonshire, contributes towards a higher employment and economic growth than the UK average. However it performs less well when measured on productivity. Being a small business, DOTS understands the pressures that companies come across and are committed to helping the growth of the local economy. They support businesses, start-ups and established companies to be stronger and more sustainable.

With over 15 years of corporate learning and development experience, DOTS has a genuine whole-hearted passion to help businesses thrive and this only strengthens their ability to provide a first class service. Their unique approach is tailored to match individual needs, they don’t try to squeeze square pegs in to round holes, and all the material is bespoke to match your businesses values and ethos. DOTS understand that with every industry the requirements can differ depending on needs. The course material and services provided are tailored to suit the business and the industry and not just a one-size fits all approach.

All sessions are led by CIPD qualified and experienced trainers, completing all the relevant analysis to design and deliver valuable learning solutions.

DOTS services include;

  • Regulatory Training. That’s GDPR, bribery and corruption, diversity and inclusion.
  • Soft Skill Training.This focuses on individual characteristics and traits that people use when interacting with other people.
  • Leadership DevelopmentThis is aimed at inspiring leaders, the creation of a team leader and establishing existing staff.
  • Career Development Coaching. This involves supporting individual performance and development, which encourages stronger engagement, increase in morale and more determination to achieve your goals.

DOTS provide a service that you can return to regularly for your updates or further development needs. Relationship building is the key to the training and helps development to thrive on a tailored basis. The sessions run for 1-2 days however this can alter accordingly to match your business requirements. There should be no interference or cost to the day to day running of your business. Coaching sessions typically last for 60-90 mins and are run on an individual basis within a timeframe appropriate to the individual.

DOTS Training and Development Limited

“Sam’s continuous positive energy is infection, always highly focused and motivated to achieve the best results” – James Tapp – Nationwide Building Society

“DOTS are always looking for ways to help you develop and strengthen your business growth” – Cheryl Jeffrey and Sarah Woods – Goodnight Sleepovers

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