Feel-good cake boutique opens in Northampton


Now, anyone looking for a special way to share the ‘feel-good factor’ or who wants to say ‘thank you’ or ‘congratulations’ can go straight to Northampton’s new cake boutique at 144 Wellingborough Road.

Drizzle Cakes opened for the first time on Saturday 15 September. The array of sweet delights ranged from classic vanilla and champagne cupcakes to mini sweet treats and tasty loaf cakes.

This new destination for Northampton’s discerning cake connoisseurs is the creation of local businesswomen Ausra Uzukauskaite andNaum Gargani.

Ausra says: “This is a new venture for us, but we both felt it was such a great idea we just had to go ahead. Feel-good days and special occasions deserve special cakes and that’s what we provide.

“Whether someone wants a treat for themselves, their friends or colleagues, or they’re organising an event, we have really gorgeous options.

“We have been so lucky to team up with Lenka as our master baker. She has been baking professionally for over 15 years and makes extraordinary occasion cakes as well as being truly creative with new flavours and ideas for all our cupcakes and loaf cakes.

“We want our customers to really feel part of the process. So, once the cakes are baked and cooled, they can see them being iced and decorated onsite. “They can take away a single, indulgent treat for themselves with a hot drink, homemade smoothie or soft drink, or they can share the pleasure with a special selection box or tray.

“If people can’t make it to the store, they can place their orders online, so there’s really no reason to hold back.”

The government is cutting the sugar we consume in processed foods and fizzy drinks in the interests of a healthier lifestyle.

However, enjoying freshly baked cakes occasionally with our friends and family makes us all feel good.

There’s even research* that confirms that a well-managed workplace cake culture can improve co-operation, performance and trust amongst colleagues.