Northampton optometrist unveils new lens boasting ‘virtual pupil’


An optometrist in Northampton is one of the first in the country to offer a groundbreaking contact lens featuring a ‘virtual pupil’.

TK&S Optometrists, based in Kingsley Road, Northampton, will stock the pioneering VTI NaturalVue 1 Day Multifocal contact lens – heralded as a “key weapon in the war on myopia”.

Myopia, often referred to as short-sightedness, can lead to an increased risk of several eye conditions and can eventually result in visual impairment or even blindness.

The VTI NaturalVue 1 Day multifocal contact lens helps slow the progression of myopia in children, meaning their eyesight stays better for longer.

The revolutionary dual-purpose lens, developed in the USA, is also suitable for adults with presbyopia, meaning it could be used to help anyone who struggles with everyday ‘close up’ tasks such as reading a book, using a mobile phone or working on a computer screen.

Practice owner Brian Tompkins said: “The NaturalVue contact lens is a key weapon in the war against myopia and we are delighted to be involved at such an early stage.

“By having this available as part of our range of treatment options, it could revolutionise the way we handle short-sightedness in young patients and presbyopia in adults. It has the potential to change lives and have long-lasting impact.”

Once fitted, the lens works naturally with the brain to automatically focus your eyes, acting a ‘virtual pupil’.

Wearers of the lens can expect to cut myopic progression, providing better vision when not wearing contact lenses and reducing their chances of developing high levels of myopia which may lower the incidence of eye diseases associated with shortsightedness, such as retinal detachment and glaucoma.

TK&S has become a national centre of excellence for myopia management and will be using the lens alongside a suite of other state-of-the-art methods such as orthokeratology lenses to manage myopia in both children and adults.

Myopia is becoming a global epidemic, with the potential for half the world’s population to be affected by 2050. Children as young as three or four can be affected, and their chances of being short-sighted are significantly increased if either parent has myopia.

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