Party game retailer, Squizzas, opens first store on Wellingborough Road.

Squizzas Northampton new store launch Northampton Life

A game and card retailer, Squizzas, who sells family and adult entertainment games online, has opened its first store in Northampton town. The store, which opened on Black Friday,  noticed a gap in the market for fun, unique games that brings entertainment back to nights in and start the family laughter away from mobile phones.

The games available from Squizzas features a variety of fun family games, through to party style games, card games and of course, the popular drinking games strictly for over 18’s. These include great laughter in the form of Disturbed Friends, Cards Against Humanity and What Do You Meme. They also have a huge selection of games that are perfect for steering customers away from digital entertainment and back to traditional family fun.

These games have become best-sellers online which provides a niche market which Squizzas are set to sail in with their prominent positioning on Wellingborough Road. Unlike an online purchase, their store allows for demonstrations and samples to find out how you play before you buy.

The Squizzas team, fronted by owners Luke Bedden and Sean French, are excited by their new launch saying: “It’s great for small businesses to be able to get onto the high street and help grow Northampton’s local buzzing economy.”

Their store has been backed by a council grant which has enabled them to pay for four new members of staff this Christmas and support their launch. The team are really excited for the new store with a prominent position on Wellingborough Road and opening just before Christmas.

Instead of buying your games online this Christmas, why not find out what Squizzas has to offer, try before you buy and find out what makes some games receive the title of ‘it should be banned!’

You can visit Squizzas on their Facebook page here for more updates ahead of the launch.