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Dunore Consultancy are here to help businesses make the right choices when it comes to energy through a simple, straightforward service. This is achieved by using years of expertise, knowledge and relationships in the energy industry to navigate the complex market and provide the best contracts, products and options available to Northamptonshire businesses.

The UK economic climate in 2019 continues to look uncertain and the impact on the UK energy industry is still unknown. Business energy costs are a serious expense that can make or break a business and the complex range of tariffs, products, contract types and hidden commission costs make it difficult for business owners to ensure they’re not paying over the odds.

In Dunore’s experience, they frequently find that business owners agree to energy deals via a telesales call, locking into a verbal contract over the phone. However, this is often not the best result for the business, who end up being tied into uncompetitive and overly expensive rates for long, locked in contract periods which contain high levels of hidden (un-disclosed) commission for the telesales agent.

Jonathan Newsham, founder of Dunore Consultancy, has worked in the industry for 18 years in both energy supply and energy brokerage and knows a thing or two about the energy industry and energy procurement.

So, what is energy procurement?

Jonathan tells us; “It’s the understanding of the complex market and infrastructure surrounding gas, water and electricity supply. Our expertise and supplier relationships allow us to secure competitive energy contracts and helps customers understand the full details of the utilities that operate within their business.”

“I set up Dunore Consultancy to provide simple, straightforward support to business owners – our core values are about providing honest, transparent and appropriate advice and procurement services to businesses and to ensure personal service and ongoing account management to deal with any issues. It’s a win-win for the customer.”

Jonathan has built solid connections throughout his career which allows him to work directly with suppliers, and he has become a trusted consultant throughout the UK through his personal service rather than a generic cold call or online sign up that the client doesn’t really understand. All businesses want the chance to save money and that’s where Dunore Consultancy comes in.

Where does the money saving come from?

It’s clear that the rising energy costs trend seen over the last couple of years will continue over the next few years. In this environment, it’s essential to engage an expert in the market who can help mitigate the impact of increasing energy charges. Dunore can provide a saving on such increases which still saves money in the long run. For example, if your energy contract renewal quote shows a 10% increase on your tariff, in the current market it’s unlikely that a quote can be found with no increase. However, Dunore can secure quotes with a lower rate, for instance, showing a 4% increase, meaning you save 6% that you might not have secured otherwise.

Dunore Consultancy use a panel of suppliers to obtain the best quotes available from the market on the day, the choice is completely down to the client with no influence on the customer’s choice, only advice where requested, and complete transparency on any commission.

Dunore Consultancy specialises in all business types, whether you’re a manufacturer, school, factory, retailer or shop. The energy costs for a business are often a considerable outgoing that cant be avoided, which is where Dunore Consultancy becomes your energy expert to avoid mistakes or unnecessary cost. Jonathan’s industry knowledge allows him to provide advice where it’s often lost. He allows the client to learn more about their business which is vital to a successful financial strategy and long-term future.

If you would like to know more about how you can understand your business’s energy needs and assess your upcoming utility contracts, speak to Jonathan at dunoreconsultancy.com or call him on 01933 53203.

One conversation can be the simplest way to getting your energy contracts into better shape this year.